I’m back!

Hello! It has been quite awhile since I made an entry here, so I thought I’d chime in with a little update. I had a major setback a few months ago, which resulted in downsizing from house to apartment, not to mention the emotional upheaval that accompanied it. While things are still a bit difficult, I’m determined to keep pushing through and not let it hinder my desire to create; I’ve already had a couple shows this year and now I’m currently prepping for Staple! in March!

The website gallery has been updated, though I might add a new section for sculpture work, since I am working on more pieces similar to this one:

hitodama hunter-360viewShe was made for a miniature  themed show and now has a good home! There is still much to learn about this medium, but I find great joy in the process of experimenting with different materials to produce the desired result. I’ve got a few ideas that I’m excited to start on, so I better get busy! Until next update!