The Fall

Hello there! Summer has already flown by and I’m eagerly awaiting that cool, crisp autumn weather to start kicking in (wishful thinking, here in Texas). Since last update, I’ve participated in a couple art shows, plus a local puppet festival!

A sampling of some recent works:

October is looking to be a busy month, especially with Zinefest Houston and Insomnia’s Monster Show on the horizon. I’ll try to update my progress on some new goodies I have planned for these events, so stay tuned!

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Post-Comicpalooza Update

Comicpalooza was last weekend, and I had a great time! It was even better than last year, in many aspects! Thanks to all who stopped by the table!

That said, it’s been awhile since last entry! There were a few personal life hiccups that I was dealing with the past couple months, but things are slowly getting back on track and I’m determined to get this site chugging along once again!

One new creative endeavor that I’ve been enjoying is needlefelting:


At the beginning of the year, I decided to invest more time towards sculpting, and I’m glad to be following through on that! Needlefelting is essentially sculpting with wool fiber. The combination of sculpture & plush aesthetics is really appealing, and considering my interest in stop-motion and puppetry, it felt (see what I did there?) like a natural transition to start working on tangible, three-dimensional objects. I’m still getting acquainted with the medium, but I already have a few projects in mind and can’t wait to get started!

Until next time!

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Happy New Year!

While I dealt with some major bumps in 2014, it was also the first year that I started to exhibit my work at various local conventions and galleries. The people I’ve befriended over the course of these events and the support, motivation, and inspiration they offer has been life-changing and keeps me looking forward, no matter how grey the skies might seem.

I promise to never lose my sight and only hope to grow and improve as an artist this year. That includes being more productive… like finishing this website, for starters!

Here are few pieces I made for East End Studio Gallery’s “Animation Nation” show, featuring The Last Unicorn, Secret of NIMH, and Princess Mononoke.


I already have my work cut out for me in the next few months: setting up an actual gallery on here, getting my Etsy store up and running, and more! I’ve got some work to do!

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ZineFest Houston

ZFH 2014 Poster (Web) FINAL TABLER MAP 2014 -table35

Now that I got Alamo City Comic Con under my belt, next up is ZineFest Houston! How rad is that flyer? It’s a one-day event at the Printing Museum, celebrating the works of local creators.

I’ll be at table 35 with prints, stickers, pins, and mini originals. It’ll be difficult to stay in place, considering how many friends will be around! See you there, folks!

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Hot N Sticky Show

Recently, I was part of the Hot N Sticky post-it note show at East End Studio Gallery!
It was my first time exhibiting in a gallery setting, and I had a fanta-stick time!

Here’s a peek of my set-up:


It was a great experience; met lots of talented and supportive people who share the same sticky-note obsession! Certainly looking forward to attending/participating in future shows at EESG!

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